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For Prospective Tenants

Finding the right unit for you

Rent Hassle-Free

  • Find the right properties for you using the Terarent app
  • Quickly vet potential units based on their ratings
  • Quickly tour open units/properties (bypass inconvenience of in-person realtors)

Terarent guides renters through searching for the right unit, helps renters tour prospective units, and aides in securing purchases through the use of Terarent's comprehensive platform

For Prospective Landlords

Simplify Renting Your Property

  • Quickly vet potential tenants based on ratings from the Terarent app
  • Securely allow for unit tours
  • Save time managing rental units

Terarent streamlines, improves and automates the rental management and transaction process for realtors/landlords

Our Technology

What Makes Terarent Great

Property Recommendation System

Terarent's recommendation system uses artificial intelligence to analyze images of a unit along with the renter's preferences to determine good matches. In addition, it analyzes the renters rating to determine their eligibility for the property

Proprietary Door Lock

Enables access to the property through the Terarent app. It simplifies unit touring as it allows landlords to remotely allow access for unit tours when the landlord is not available while preventing any theft by monitoring for theft through a camera.

Two-Way Rating System

Terarent's two-way rating system allows landlords to rate tenants based on an their stay (cleanliness, etc...) and allows tenants to rent the property they rented. The rating system allows for accountability and promotes good behaviour from both parties, lest get a bad rating.

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